Amnestyצילום: איסטוק

The Wall Street Journal editorial board published a scathing critique of Amnesty International Monday, charging the group with libeling Israel and questioning the Jewish state’s right to exist.

Released a day before the publication of Amnesty International’s new report on Israel, the op-ed cites a draft of the 211-page report obtained by the Journal.

The report, which will be published on Tuesday, is expected to label Israel an “apartheid state” and call for international sanctions.

“Israel has established and maintained an institutionalized regime of oppression and domination of the Palestinian population for the benefit of Jewish Israelis—wherever it has exercised control over Palestinians’ lives since 1948,” the report says in its summary.

The Journal editorial board accused Amnesty International of questioning Israel’s right to exist, noting that the report mentioned the year 1948 – marking Israel’s establishment – rather than 1967, the year Israel liberated Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

“The report treats Israel’s founding as the original sin from which all other offenses flow,” the WSJ editorial board wrote. “In the 27-page executive summary alone, we counted at least 26 references to 1948 or 1947-1949. Amnesty’s message is that Israel was created as an apartheid state and continues as such today.”

“This is a libel that distorts history. Israel was founded in the wake of the Holocaust with broad international support. The Jews who settled in historic Palestine had to fight to survive against Arab militias and national armies that wanted to push them into the sea.”

The editorial board called on the Biden administration to denounce the report and to prevent its use in efforts to impose sanctions on Israel or to probe Israelis at the International Criminal Court.