Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon at funeral of Esther Pollard
Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon at funeral of Esther PollardערוץIsrael National News

At the funeral of the late Esther Pollard, many came to say goodbye to her, including Moshe Leon, the mayor of Jerusalem.

He said that this is truly a sad time: She was a true heroine, for her fight for Jonathan. As mayor, I was privileged enough for her to come and live out her last years here in the city of Jerusalem."

Boaz Bismuth, editor of Israel Hayom, says that he came to pay his last respects to "true righteousness". "It was a huge privilege to know her, it was a huge privilege to be there when they came to Israel and I am sad for Jonathan, they had so many plans to be here with the people of Israel in the State of Israel and it is a tragic end that came too soon. I am sad today."

Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, founder of Shurat HaDin Law Center, adds: "Esther was a warrior, she was a lioness. With stubbornness and endless devotion she fought for Jonathan and fought against her illness. She won in regards to Jonathan but unfortunately lost the battle against the disease."

Former Secretary of State Tzahi Braverman says he trained the team that was in charge of the Pollards' absorption in the country. "I had the privilege of being the first, along with Prime Minister Netanyahu, to receive them at the airport. Finally, after 35 years, we were able to bring them here. Esther was a very determined woman, clinging to her goals. She was a true partner to Jonathan, and it greatly saddens me that only a year after she arrived in Israel, she passed away. "

Former Knesset member Moti Yogev recognized the special faith of Esther who fought for years for her husband and it is thanks to her he was able to come to the Land of Israel. "We are here to lay to rest a great woman."

Rabbi Amichai Eliyahu, the grandson of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, said: "Dear Esther would come to my grandfather for hours on end. You have to be a very special person to stand against such great forces and say that they will release this person. How much willpower and strength it takes to look the future in the eye and say that I create reality and not just react. "

"When I heard about her death I thought of my grandfather, of us as rabbis, how many times people come to us and it seems difficult for us to implement their unrealistic idea, and how a grandfather who hears that there is a person sentenced to 35 years in prison and the State of Israel denies the cause, what strength and faith are needed to support her. This is the main thing we take from this family. There is no one to say Kaddish for them and we ask people to say Kaddish for Esther. We are all their children."