Brooklyn, New York
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A tow truck driver from Brooklyn, New York has been fired for allegedly hurling antisemitic abuse at a group of Jews during a dispute over his attempt to back into a driveway, Hamodia reported.

The incident occurred in Borough Park on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. during which a Jets Towing truck was trying to back into a driveway to tow a vehicle. When the truck couldn’t fit into the driveway, the driver asked the car behind him to back up.

But that vehicle was not able to back up because of a group of cars behind it. When the driver told the tow truck driver that he could try driving around the block, the tow truck driver reportedly became angry and started to yell, according to witnesses.

A witness video contains the tow truck driver saying, “Go back to your **** country, let Hitler kill your ****, ****. How about that?”

The tow truck driver remained parked in the street and held up traffic for 30 minutes before being forced to move when an ambulance with its siren on had to drive by.

According to the person who filmed the incident and provided a copy to Jets Tower, the driver was fired.

Hamodia also reported that the towing company told them that the driver had been let go by the company for his behavior.