Three headstones in a Jewish cemetery (illustrative)
Three headstones in a Jewish cemetery (illustrative)iStock

The secret grave of a Lev Tahor cult leader in Guatemala may soon be moved to a new location, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The grave, where cult leader Shlomo Helbrans is buried, is not a legal grave, and cult members are concerned that the authorities may locate the grave and move the body to a non-Jewish cemetery. As a result, Lev Tahor is preparing to transfer the body to a new country.

Near Helbrans, two others are buried, and the cult has nicknamed the group of three graves a "cemetery." One of the other graves is that of Helbrans' daughter Miriam, who died of an allergy, and the other is that of Yehoshua Levi.

Lev Tahor had initially planned to build a structure over Shlomo Helbrans' grave, so that even if they left the country, the graves would remain and offer a place where members may visit and pray. However, following Kikar Hashabbat's publication of the matter, the plans for a structure were canceled, and the group instead plans to bring Helbrans' body to their new country, as soon as it becomes possible.

One source in Lev Tahor told Kikar Hashabbat, "No headstone was placed on the cult leader's grave, because the burial location was not legal, and it is very complicated to arrange that. Our concern is that one day the non-Jews will find it and take it to a non-Jewish cemetery."

Meanwhile, a gate and a structure to hold candles now mark Helbrans' grave, which until recently had no markings, as part of the efforts to conceal its location.