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Positive COVID testISTOCK

The Health Ministry on Thursday night clarified the provisions regarding the new testing policy in the education system that went into effect this morning.

The ministry stated that students who are newly recovered from the coronavirus will be exempt from the testing requirements for 60 days following their recovery.

In addition, special education students are exempt from performing antigen tests twice a week.

In the case of exposure to a verified coronavirus carrier who is a household member, those who are not vaccinated will be placed in quarantine for five days from the date of last time the carrier was confirmed to have the coronavirus, and will be released subject to a negative result from an institutional antigen test performed on the last day of isolation.

Students in schools that participate in the 'Shield Education' program will not be required to perform two home antigen tests a week, as long as they continue to regularly perform a weekly PCR test at school.

It was further emphasized that the outline of tests in the education system does not apply to teaching staff, and therefore unvaccinated teachers will continue to perform an institutional antigen test twice a week, and in case of exposure to a verified carrier will enter full isolation (of five days) subject to a negative institutional test result.