Popular singers Yishai Ribo and Natan Goshen have recorded a song together – “Nechakeh Lecha” (We will wait for you) – along with families impacted by terror attacks, organized by the One Family association.

The emotional clip was filmed in the past few weeks with Ribo and Goshen, to mark 20 years since the founding of the organization, one that assists terror victims, the families of IDF fallen, and others impacted by tragedy, with all their needs. To date, One Family has helped over 10,000 children and parents who lost loved ones.

The words of the song express the grief these families experience: “The smoke of battle is still in the air / A weary people bears its wounds / A people in the land of its ancestors / Is still fighting for its life.”

The clip, produced by the “Arbes” advertising agency, describes the story of a boy who lost his father in a terrorist attack and who from then onward, goes through life feeling utterly alone. During the clip, he meets up with volunteers from the One Family organization who show him that he’s not alone and that he has people who will accompany him in life, embrace him, and extend a helping hand. The clip ends with the words: “One people, one family,” which encapsulates the intrinsic connection between families who have been impacted by terrorism and the wider Jewish People.

The boy in the clip is played by Yair Gelman whose father, Eliav Gelman, was murdered in a terrorist attack at the Gush Etzion junction in 2016. The Gelman family, along with other families who also participated in the making of the clip, are part of the fabric of the organization, people who get up each morning afresh and make the decision to go on living.

Mark Belzberg, the founder of One Family, relates: “I think there’s no more fitting expression than, ‘One people, one family,’ to describe the joint process that the Jewish People go through together with these families who have been impacted by terror attacks. I would like to thank Yishai Ribo and Natan Goshen for participating in filming this clip.”