Israel signs the contract for submarines
Israel signs the contract for submarinesMinistry of Defense

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett commented on Israel's recently signed contract for new submarines from Germany.

"This agreement is a significant improvement to Israel's national security. The purchase of these submarines will ensure our continued strategic superiority for years to come," Bennett declared.

"Since the formation of the government, we have been careful to act openly and honestly in all matters of Israel's defense procurement. We will treat this deal likewise. I want to thank everyone who worked to bring the deal to a close, after a long delay, led by my friends, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz," he added.

According to the agreement, the State of Israel will purchase three submarines from a new series called "Dakar," in an agreement amounting to approximately 3 billion euros. As detailed in the agreement, the first submarine will be delivered within 9 years. The agreement also includes the construction of a training simulator in Israel and the supply of spare parts. The German government will fund part of the agreement through a unique grant, in accordance with an agreement signed between the countries in 2017.

The parties also signed an industrial strategic cooperation agreement that amounts to over €850 million.

Signed with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, it details investment in Israeli industries, including defense companies. This will result in the opening of new markets, professional training, technological development, employment opportunities, and a positive influx for both the Israeli economy and the defense establishment. This is a detailed agreement, with investment components that were agreed upon in advance.

The agreement was led by various departments in the Israel Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the Israeli Navy, Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Economy and Industry.