Right-wing protest
Right-wing protestצילום: חזקי ברוך

The 'Red Line' right-wing protest movement has sent an open letter to the Rabbis of Israel, inviting them to join a night of protests slated for over 100 locations across Israel on Tuesday night.

The letter reads:

To the honored Rabbis of Israel

Recently, a number of issues have come up on the public agenda that concern the roots of our existence as a state and a people.

These include, but are not limited to: surrender to the Islamic movement in the Negev, weakening of the Chief Rabbinate with numerous laws and reforms, including calls for the dismissal of Chief Rabbis by government officials, defamation of settlers and besiegement of towns, reducing the power of the people in several ways and legal persecution against leaders of the political right.

Along with the sense of loss of way and identity in government actions, many people feel that the progressive spirit dominating the judicial system and public discourse is undermining the justness of our cause and the identity and security of Israel.

The opinion of the Rabbis of Israel against the formation of this government was clearly stated in a number of letters against the actions of the government, yet it seems to us that we cannot be content with that alone.

If we want to raise awareness and show clearly that the actions of the government do not represent the will of the people who believe in the uniqueness of our nation, their right to the land, and their Jewish identity, and determine that these things will be assured in the future and such a government will not return, we need to fulfill our democratic duty and take to the streets.

One plea deal or another may stir up the political system but will not reverse the damage to the identity and will of the people, without a clear statement and significant protest on our part.

We joined a number of bodies from different places and different demographics who are afraid of Israel's loss of direction and identity and the opposition from law enforcement for the demonstration of the century, in 100 locations from Eilat to the Golan Heights on Tuesday evening.

There is considerable public interest. Many people want to protest and also be filled with spirit, hope, and faith in the righteousness of our course of action.

Your students and your alumni will be there, as well as those who may never have been lucky enough to hear a Rabbi speak. They will be very happy to see you and hear your words, united by a shared pain and spirit of hope that will further lift our country to its true greatness.

Demonstrations will be held all over the country, outside your Yeshiva or in your town, and we invite you and ask you to participate with us.