COVID test
COVID testYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Health Ministry's epidemic response team has recommended the shortening of the quarantine period for verified coronavirus patients to seven days, as well as not expanding the campaign to provide fourth doses of the coronavirus vaccine to other populations, Kan News reported.

It was also reported that Israel is preparing for a maximum of 200,000 coronavirus tests administered daily, even though the extent of morbidity is expected to continue to significantly increase.

Officials at the "Alon" Coronavirus Command Center said that the limiting factor is the number of laboratories available to provide test results on a large scale.

The officials also said that due to the increase in morbidity, in-person epidemiological investigations are now only conducted for people aged 70 and over and at risk populations. The rest of the verified patients undergo a digital epidemiological investigation adapted using a dedicated AI bot.

Alon Headquarters Commander Brigadier General Shlomi Ben Mocha said: "In the coming days, we are expanding the activities of Alon Headquarters with three main efforts. The first is a reinforcement of 130 medics in the health funds in order to vaccinate the citizens of the State of Israel. The second effort is military units in hospitals in order to maintain continuity of functionality. The third effort, together with local authorities and government ministries, is targeted action to reduce morbidity."