Antigen test (illustrative)
Antigen test (illustrative)iStock

Israel's Health Ministry on Monday morning published new instructions for how to perform coronavirus antigen tests, Israel Hayom reported.

The new instructions follow harsh criticism of the low efficacy of the tests.

According to the new instructions, antigen tests should be performed three days (72 hours) after exposure to a known coronavirus carrier, and care should be taken to sample both the throat and one nostril, with the same swab.

On Sunday, Dr. Nadav Sorek told Israel Hayom, "It's reasonable to assume that repeated samplings will succeed in detecting a carrier, since at some point the viral load will be high enough that an antigen test will be able to detect it. Therefore, even if you received a negative antigen test, there is value in undergoing an additional antigen test 24 hours later."

"The purpose of the sampling is to collect as much relevant biological material as possible. Since the virus is in the airways, when we sample both the nose and the pharynx, we gather more samples and thereby increase the chance that we will detect the virus."