The Jerusalem District Court has handed down a 28-month sentence to an Arab who poured boiling-hot coffee onto a Jewish man as he was passing through Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The incident occurred a year ago, during Operation Guardian of the Walls, and was filmed by another Arab who uploaded the picture onto social media using TikTok; it was subsequently viewed many times.

Following the attack, the Arabs involved fled from the scene; Border Police gave chase and apprehended two of those involved. Later that same day, the Arab who perpetrated the attack was caught at his grandmother's home in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya.

According to a report on Kan News, the Arab was found guilty and entered a plea bargain, admitting to having caused grievous bodily harm and having nationalistic motivations. He will also pay NIS 18 thousand to the victim of the attack.

"The accused perpetrated this attack during a period of heightened tensions and specifically in the city of Jerusalem, during Operation Guardian of the Walls," Judge Rafi Carmel stated. "The attack was filmed and disseminated via TikTok which only served to fan the flames, making the incident far more severe in nature."