Sara and Yair Netanyahu
Sara and Yair NetanyahuHadas Parush/Flash90

Opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu has submitted a complaint to police after receiving threats to his life and to the lives of his family members.

In a letter that was sent to the Netanyahu family, unknown persons wrote, “Death to Sara, death to Yair soon. We’re on the way,” in large letters, referring to the former premier’s wife and elder son. The letter continued, “We’re arriving in the country soon, solely in order to kill Sara and Yair Netanyahu. We want to see their blood flowing in the streets of Caesarea. Death to them.”

The writers added, “The State of Israel needs to be cleansed of the entire Netanyahu family. Only Avner [the younger son] is to be permitted to remain alive. Be warned.”

The letter was signed, “Three Israeli citizens in the United States – friends of Yigal Amir and Ohad Skornik.” Yigal Amir is serving a life sentence for killing former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin; Skornik was alleged to be a co-conspirator.

Last month, after the government decided to cease funding security guards for the Netanyahu family, the former prime minister published a video clip in which he related that, “In recent years, we have been receiving non-stop threats – threats to harm me, my wife, and my children, even to murder them. We have received such threats in the past half year as well.

“Yesterday, an extreme-left-wing organization that calls itself CRIME MINISTER issued a direct threat against my wife and children. The writing is on the wall. We are talking about life-and-death. What else needs to happen [in order for this to be taken seriously]? Who will take responsibility if G-d forbid something happens to them?”