Hospitalized child (illustrative)
Hospitalized child (illustrative)iStock

Parallel to the Omicron outbreak, the number of influenza cases in Israel is on the rise, and thousands of people are hospitalized.

According to Israel's Health Ministry, most of those who are seriously ill with influenza have contract this year's Type A, subtype A/H3, which is included in this year's vaccine.

According to data from the Israel Center for Disease Control (ICDC), as of last week there had been 2,825 people hospitalized this season with flu, among them 863 children and 181 pregnant women and new mothers. At the same time, a steep rise in flu-like illnesses has been seen in the general population.

"Influenza virus can cause severe illness, such as lung infections, other respiratory complications, myocarditis, and even death," the Health Ministry said in a statement. "We emphasize the importance of getting vaccinated against flu as soon as possible."

"The Health Ministry calls on the public over six months of age to receive the vaccine against influenza. The influenza vaccine may be received together with the coronavirus vaccine or at any time before or after it," the Ministry said.