Anti-COVID lockdown protest in Amsterdam, January 2nd 2022
Anti-COVID lockdown protest in Amsterdam, January 2nd 2022REUTERS

Thousands rallied in Amsterdam Sunday to protest against COVID lockdowns in the Netherlands, as well as restrictions on the unvaccinated.

Several thousand protesters, some holding signs, gathered near Museum Square in Amsterdam, in violation of a ban on mass public gatherings.

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema signed an emergency measure enabling police to enter the area to disperse the protesters.

Local police dispatched riot officers to break up the demonstration, arresting some 30 protesters, authorities said. Four officers were injured while breaking up the demonstration.

The Dutch government has imposed limits on entry to many public venues, barring the unvaccinated.

On December 19th, the government dramatically tightened its COVID restrictions, imposing a broad lockdown, set tentatively to end on January 12th, though the restrictions may be extended further.