Defense Minister Benny Gantz (Blue and White) this week signed an order for the seizure of cryptocurrencies in the amount of NIS 2.6 million ($836,467) from the al-Mathaddon exchange company, belonging to the Malach family and linked to Hamas in Gaza, Israel Hayom reported.

The move follows a seizure of other digital wallets, which Gantz started a few months ago. Following the order, about 150 digital wallets of al-Mathaddon were then confiscated.

The company was attempting to send fund to Hamas. According to security sources, the company increased activity after the assassination of terrorist Hamed Ahmed Khudari, also a money changer responsible for funding terrorism.

Gantz said, "We will continue to pursue terrorist funds. The blow to Hamas and the terrorist organization's ability to circumvent the traditional paths for transferring funds, through digital currency, is an important tool in the developing security system. I congratulate all those involved, led by the National Headquarters on Terrorist Economic Counter-Terrorism, on the important work and the creative action," according to Israel Hayom.

The terror-financing network was exposed in a major operation including IDF Intelligence, the National Headquarters on Terrorist Economic Counter, cybercrimes unit, Israel Police's Lahav 443 Major Crimes Unit, and the State Attorney's Office's Cyber Unit, Israel Hayom stated.