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Monday saw 2,952 new coronavirus cases diagnosed - a sharp rise from Sunday's 1,799 new cases, a Health Ministry report showed.

There are now 15,487 active COVID-19 cases across Israel.

A total of 137 coronavirus patients are hospitalized, among them 85 whose condition is serious or worse, including 46 whose condition is critical. There are currently 38 intubated COVID-19 patients, and 18 who are on ECMO (heart and lung) machines.

Of the total number of coronavirus test results received Monday, 2.35% were positive, the Ministry added.

On December 12, 0.56% of tests were positive - a figure which rose to 0.82% on December 15, 1.1% on Dec. 18, 1.42% on Dec. 23, and 2.16% on Dec. 25. The total number of tests conducted has not significantly changed during that time frame.

Across all age ranges, the number of confirmed cases per 100,000 is significantly higher among the unvaccinated than among the vaccinated.

Ministry data also showed that reinfection is on the rise, with nearly 1% of all recovered COVID-19 patients experiencing a reinfection. That data also showed that while on Sunday, 100 people were reinfected (53 completely unvaccinated, and 47 who had received at least one dose of a vaccine), Monday saw 173 reinfections (102 among the completely unvaccinated, and 71 in people who had received at least one dose of a vaccine).

Israel has seen 8,242 coronavirus deaths since the pandemic began last year.