MandelblitFlash 90

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit presented his opinion to the Supreme Court Monday calling for the overruling of the decision of the Education Ministry to rescind the Israel Prize from a professor who called for a boycott of Ariel University.

According to Mandelblit, the decision of Education Minister Yifat Sasha-Biton (New Hope) to deny the Israel Prize to Prf. Oded Goldreich "is not supported by the evidentiary infrastructure required for this in accordance with the strict criteria set by this esteemed court with regard to consideration of 'external' considerations."

"Therefore, this decision cannot stand legally and there is room to grant relief that authorizes the approval of the Judges Committee's recommendation so that the Israel Prize for the year 2021 in the field of mathematics research will be awarded to Prof. Goldreich, as determined by the Professional Judges Committee," the Attorney General said.

Education Minister Dr. Yifat Shasha-Biton said in response to the ombudsman's announcement: "Because the court chose to transfer the decision to me, I hope it will respect my decision. I have clearly stated my position: Anyone who calls for a boycott of an academic institution in Israel does not deserve the Israel Prize for academic achievement."

MK Simcha Rotman of the Religious Zionism faction responded to Mandelblit's position and wrote on Twitter: "I would write something about the fact that the attorney general, in a rude and unauthorized move, informed the Supreme Court that he opposes the (unquestionably justified) decision of the Minister of Education regarding the Israel Prize."

"But since Gideon Sa'ar is directly responsible for the continuation of the situation, and does not split the role of the attorney general, I suggest that they close the matter at the upcoming faction meeting of the New Hope party," Rotman added.