Bennett at Cabinet meeting
Bennett at Cabinet meetingHezki Baruch

The weekly government meeting will be held today at Kibbutz Mevo Hama in the Golan Heights and will deal with strengthening the area as well as compensating the tourism industry for the damage caused by coronavirus restrictions.

Before the meeting, the ministers will have to undergo an antigen test in a special mobile testing site that will be placed at the entrance to the kibbutz.

Among other things, a NIS 50 million development plan for the Golan Heights area will be approved. The purpose of the program is to encourage immigration and settlement in the area, strengthen the localities and increase the diversity of employment options.

It was also determined that the Agriculture Ministry will be responsible for the implementation of the plan and will take care of upgrading the infrastructure and promoting agricultural innovation in the Golan.

The government will also approve the compensation outline for the tourism industry, which will include professional training for industry workers worth up to NIS 20,000 for a wide range of jobs and a monthly scholarship of NIS 10,000 during the training.

In addition, hotels affected by more than 40% of business turnover will receive grants of up to NIS 150 million, 25,000 free tours will be funded for the public to be delivered by tour guides. and workers from the industry will be able to be accepted as experts in schools and local authorities in order to create immediate sources of income.