Friends of Yaniv Me’oded, who was seriously injured in a car accident near Bruchin in Samaria, on Saturday night came to Beilinson Hospital to rejoice and dance around his bed.

"We came to strengthen and we came out strengthened," wrote Avishai Nevo, one of the friends from the Elon Moreh Yeshiva, and added that Yaniv spoke to him in a quiet voice and said to him: "Pass on these words on my behalf - that you should appreciate the simple things, look at me, suddenly I need help to drink, eat, get up, simple things that until recently I did alone."

"We should really appreciate having healthy and happy children," Me’oded told Nevo. "I had a lovely family and in one moment everything turned upside down, the children were killed, including my unborn child, and my wife has not yet woken up. We really should appreciate the simple and small things that seem so routine to us."

"Wow, those words really broke me down," Nevo added.

The accident occurred when a Palestinian Arab driver, who was on the road despite not having a driver's license, made an illegal U-turn and collided with the Me'oded family vehicle.

Two of the family’s children, Halleli and Tov Re'i, were killed in the accident and so was his unborn child.

Hodaya, Yaniv's wife, was also seriously injured in the accident and remains in critical condition.