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They didn’t know? You knew and I knew that if you decrease law enforcement, you automatically increase crime.

I can’t think of anything more obvious, but then, I am not a Democrat politician, neither mayor, nor DA. But if I were, I’d likely be as far out as the rest of them, who can’t do the math, which is the law of proportion, evidenced on every street corner where criminals rush in to replace the cop who’s been defunded.

Any wonder that 12 major cities in the US experienced record-level homicides in 2021? I’m not surprised. You’re not surprised. The politicians are amazed.

They can’t figure out what went wrong. They reduced or eliminated jail, bail and the police, and rather than gratitude, a crime wave is what they got.

Any wonder that 12 major cities in the US experienced record-level homicides in 2021? I’m not surprised. You’re not surprised. The politicians are amazed.
Can they really be that witless…as to have expected a different outcome?

Among the first to answer that question was Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, who said crime wave? What crime wave? There is no crime wave. No crisis. I did nothing wrong. Go Eagles.

Then the fact that Philly leads the nation in homicides…500-plus and counting…leading Krasner to humbly apologize for being so obtuse.

Then the mayor himself, Jim Kenney…some remember him doing a jig when Philadelphia was declared a sanctuary city…Kenney we find in the doldrums of reality.

The splash of truth comes even to high-end Liberals, and so from Kenney’s lips, we get the political quote of the year, as follows –

"It's terrible every morning to get up and have to go look at the numbers and then look at the news and see the stories. It's just crazy. It's just crazy and this needs to stop.”

Is this trending? Yes, even snoozing Liberals in uber soft-on-crime San Francisco are coming around to meet the real world…the world of snatch and grab hooliganism.

Months ago, Mayor London Breed was perfectly pleased to cut $120 million from San Francisco’s law enforcement budget, and now listen to her –

She vows “to end the reign of criminals who are destroying our city.”

Quite a reversal that, and you can only wonder what time of the night she woke up in a sweat to realize her terrible blunder.

In Blue State America they’re waking up one at a time haunted by the inconsolable refrain…” Dear Lord. What have I done!”

Indulgent Liberal Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, is having more than a comeuppance. She’s in a panic.

She’s calling on federal troops to save Chicago. The rate of theft, plunder, rape and murder is beyond anything she can control.

She’s pleading for help…AFTER she proposed an $80 million cut from Chicago’s police budget.

Different story now. Altogether different, as now she says, “We can’t continue to endure the level of violence we are now experiencing.”

For New Yorkers, it was good riddance di Blasio. Enter, law and order, Eric Adams, a former cop.

It’s good that here and there Liberals in power are waking up…but has anything really been learned?

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