A professor at Ohio State University has apologized for using the slur “Jewing down” while delivering a lecture.

During a recording of an October lecture, Professor Jackie Buell can be heard saying “Jewing people down is the way of the world” when referring to shoppers in stores in Mexico, the Jewish Journal reported.

Buell also says in the video: “But now they come to this country, we get people that come in the market all the time that want to Jew us down on the vegetables.”

The incident was brought up as a segment on the “Dan Abrams Show” on SiriusXM.

According to Abrams, Buell later wrote an email apology to her students. She said that she meant no harm and that she had “never associated the word ‘jew’ with any particular person or group and I am sorry to have offended anyone.”

She also admitted that she had “blind spots” and it was important to hold an academic discussion of those issues.

Abrams was told by Ohio State that the incident is under investigation.

The university also confirmed to the Cleveland Jewish News that Buell is under investigation.

“Jackie Buell is employed by the Ohio State University as an assistant professor,” spokesperson Serena Smith said in a statement to the news outlet. “This matter is under investigation and we cannot comment on specifics. The university is committed to preventing and responding to all forms of discrimination.”

Ohio State campus Jewish groups condemned Buell’s use of the offensive term.

In a Facebook post, OSU Hillel condemned the “recent antisemitic and anti-Mexican comments made by an assistant professor at the Ohio State University.”

“Hillel has been briefed by the university about the steps being taken to investigate the incident. No [Ohio State student] should have to feel discriminated against because of their background,” the wrote. “If you are a student who feels unsafe or has been a target of antisemitism do not hesitate to contact Hillel immediately. We are committed to you and to keeping OSU the safe school it has been for generations of Jewish students.”