Herzog and Sullivan with the ambassadors
Herzog and Sullivan with the ambassadorsHaim Zach/GPO

President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday evening held a diplomatic working meeting with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan soon after his arrival in Israel.

Also participating in the meeting were Israel's Ambassador to the United States Mike Herzog, the US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides, representatives of the US National Security Council, and representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

President Herzog expressed his great appreciation for US President Joe Biden for his warm friendship with Israel and thanked the US administration for maintaining and reinforcing the strong and meaningful relationship between the two nations.

President Herzog and Sullivan discussed several regional issues. The President expressed his concern with Iran's progress toward nuclear weapons under the cover of the negotiations in Vienna and described to the National Security Advisor the Middle East as divided into coalitions: a coalition of Israel and Arab states pursuing peace, resisting Iran, and working toward a better world for their citizens, and Iran's coalition of terror with its proxies, which seeks to destabilize the region.

The President underscored the need to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, at any price.