Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Rabbi Chaim KanievskyBeit Harav

Lithuanian rabbi and Torah leader Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky published a directive this morning urging schools and Talmudei Torah [religious school for boys] to allow and perform vaccines. This is following the spread of the Omicron in Israel and against the backdrop of the children's vaccination campaign.

In reply to institutions asking him what to do regarding school vaccinations, Rabbi Kanievsky replied: "Certainly order the vaccines to Talmudei Torah and schools, they should be vaccinated, " he said in his directive that was published in the newspaper Yated Ne'eman.

Last night, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a consultation on continuing to deal with the Omicron strain. In the meeting they discussed various options for tightening restrictions to combat the continued spread of the strain, including restricting gatherings, expanding the Green Pass and applying it to the trade industries as well, and stopping funding for antigen tests for children.

Further consultations and follow-up discussions will be held today, in order to formulate the continuation of the action plan for the treatment of Omicron. Once a comprehensive outline has been formulated, the Corona Cabinet will convene to discuss the details.