Four children have been killed and five more injured after a bouncy castle they were playing in was blown into the air by a strong gust of wind; the children were tossed out and fell from a height of around ten meters (thirty-two feet).

The accident occurred in Devonport, Tasmania, in Australia, on the last day of the school year.

Their ages have not been stated but they are believed to be between the ages of ten and twelve.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the accident as “unthinkably heartbreaking … young children on a fun day out … and it turns to such horrific tragedy.”

Paramedics who arrived at the school shortly after the incident provided first aid to the victims before they were transported to hospital via helicopter.

One parent, speaking to a local media outlet, said the school had previously used such bouncy castles on similar occasions with no problems. “We all feel so heartbroken for the parents involved,” she said, “and also guilty that we’re relieved our children were not injured.”

A coroner's investigation is underway, according to police.