Border Police officers in Lod
Border Police officers in LodYossi Aloni/Flash90

A man wounded in a Lod shooting attack earlier this year has requested that the Central District Prosecutor's Office amend the indictment against the shooters to one which charges them with attempted murder.

The request sent by Honenu attorney Haim Bleicher reads, "On Dec. 2, 2021, indictments were filed against two people suspected in this matter, Eid Hasuna and Asmalem Hasuna. To my client's amazement, the two were not charged with attempted murder. Testimonies from those who were at the scene, and from what can be seen clearly in the footage, and is explicit in the suspects' detailed admissions in the indictment, is that the suspects shot at my client and his friends and aimed at them directly, from a distance of 10-20 meters, while they tried to escape."

"Shooting such as this is not shooting in order to scare people, or in order to threaten - it is a real attack, and it continued even after my client was injured, and was accompanied by the hurling of firebombs and stones, which can be observed from close examination of the footage published. It is clear that this was shooting in order to harm, and by miracle, the bullets hit his leg and not essential organs."

"Shooting such as this are an attempt to murder. In addition, the terror attack was done due to terrorist motives, which supports the terrorists' intention to murder, beyond the assumed intent obvious from their actions."

Bleicher also emphasized the light punishment for incidents such as these, saying, "We must not make light of incidents such as this, and as we saw....the terrorists intended and unfortunately even succeeded in three instances in murdering three Jews. Charging a terrorist who carried out a shooting attack such as this only with 'live fire from a weapon' and 'aggravated assault' does not do justice with the terrorists, does not reflect the severity of the act, and may even send a message to potential terrorists that their behavior will be tolerated."

Concluding his letter, Bleicher requested that the indictment be changed from aggravated assault to targeted attempted murder.