Poster that was put up in search of Naomi
Poster that was put up in search of NaomiEliyahu Amera

The President of the Association of Communities in Argentina, Eliyahu Hamara, has announced that Naomi Lloroff, the thirteen-year-old girl who went missing yesterday in Buenos Aires, has been found.

Lloroff and her family belong to the Agudat Yisrael orthodox community in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital. Naomi’s parents reported their daughter’s disappearance to the authorities, when all traces of her were lost after she left her home around midday on Wednesday.

“This is an extremely unusual occurrence in our community,” said Hamara on Wednesday, before Naomi was found. “We are with the family, doing what we can to help, praying that she is found healthy and well. We have appealed to all the security agencies here, asking them to do everything in their power to restore Naomi to her family.”

Relatives feared that Naomi had become acquainted with someone called Said Fanaya, who used TikTok to reachout to her, pretending to be a boy of her age from Bolivia. Naomi’s father appealed to the police to help, and Jewish organizations also stepped in, demanding enhanced search efforts to be made, in light of their suspicions that the girl had been abducted.

Naomi was ultimately located in a Muslim home in Bolivia by local police, according to a report by Behadrey Haredim, after Jewish organizations exerted heavy pressure on the authorities there.