Me'oded family
Me'oded familypicture used with permission of family

Beilinson Hospital reported tonight (Wednesday) about an improvement in the condition of Yaniv Me'oded, who was seriously injured in a serious car accident about two weeks ago.

The medical staff and family members told Yaniv about the deaths of his two children in the accident - Halleli and Tov Re'i, and the loss of his unborn child.

Hodaya, Yaniv's wife, was also seriously injured in the accident and remains in critical condition.

Prof. Pierre Singer, director of the General Intensive Care Unit at Beilinson Hospital, said: "Yaniv's condition has improved to the level that we could talk to him and give him the harsh news that was waiting for him. This was done gently with all the necessary patience and accompanied by professionals, social workers and relatives. Yaniv remains wrapped in the love of relatives. And we will continue to accompany him in the future."

The accident occurred when a Palestinian Authority Arab driver, who was on the road despite not having a driver's license, made an illegal U-turn and collided with the Me'oded family vehicle.