NetanyahuShulo Shalom/TPS

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the Bennett-Lapid government during the weekly Likud faction meeting Monday and accused it of abandoning Israel's businesses and self-employed.

Netanyahu responded to the appointment of Meir Yitzhak Halevi as deputy minister of education: "This government only takes care of itself, the jobs. Lapid, his sister-in-law at the JNF, Tamar Zandberg finding a job for her partner, Gideon Sa'ar has more jobs than seats. This is not a government, this is a placement agency."

"All of this is dwarfed by their huge failure, by the most important thing that will determine our fate, and that is the Iranian nuclear threat. I saw the New York Times report that Israel is updating the United States on its actions and plans with Iran. If that is true, it is a grave mistake.

According to Netanyahu, the Biden administration opposes an attack on Iran. "Therefore, Bennett and Lapid's commitment to update the US administration and its policy of 'no surprises' in advance is in fact an invitation to thwart any significant activity that could halt the nuclear program."

"And the news that came out today that the United States has denied the supply of two refueling aircraft we ordered is further proof of that. Therefore our policy was and will remain different. With or without an agreement, with or without the consent of the United States, we will do everything necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons," he said.

The Likud chairman responded to allegations that the government led by him had failed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. "In recent weeks we have witnessed the government's attempts to undo what we have done together to stop Iran and thwart its nuclear program. We have prepared plans, we have brought in budgets. My friends know this, those who have been in the cabinet."

"We have brought in huge budgets for this purpose in the face of considerable opposition from important elements in the security establishment. Throughout the years, there have been plans, there have been budgets, and we have brought in more budget additions in the last two years.

"We were the ones who brought it up. I set the Iranian target as the main focus in our security perception. I did it in forums with the IDF and other security officials as well. So I hope these briefings I hear recently are not meant to prepare public opinion for the government's inability to do everything that is necessary to protect Israel from the Iranian threat. We have done and with G-d's help we will also do things differently," Netanyahu said.