The young girl who suffered critical injuries in a Friday afternoon car accident near Ofarim died after arriving at a hospital.

In the accident, an Arab driver leaving the village of Shuqba made an illegal u-turn, colliding with the vehicle of a Jewish family.

The Arab did not have a driver's license and was previously taken off the road. Both he and the Arab riding in his vehicle were killed on the spot.

In his victim's vehicle, the two children were killed: The 3-year-old boy was killed on the spot, and his sister suffered critical injuries and was declared dead after her arrival in the hospital. The children's parents suffered serious injuries; the father is hospitalized in Beilinson and the mother in Sheba.

Reports said the Me'oded family had moved from Rehovot to the town of Brukhin in Samaria just days before the accident.

The children have been identified as Tov Re'i, and his sister Halleli. Their funeral will take place Saturday night at 11:00p.m., in the Rehovot cemetery.

Throughout Friday night, emergency services from the Samaria Regional Council worked with those from Petah Tikva, where the father is from, and those from the Gezer Regional Council, where the mother is from.

"The Samaria Regional Council bows its head in mourning for the two young children," a statement said.

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan expressed shock and sadness at the tragedy, saying, "In the midst of the Festival of Lights, such a great light was extinguished. The entire Samaria family and the entire nation of Israel are mourning and hurting with the families. Our heart breaks for the two young children, and the entire nation of Israel is praying for the recoveries of the parents, who are hospitalized in serious condition."

"As a result of lack of funding throughout the years, many roads in Judea and Samaria are narrow, winding, and dangerous, exactly like this road, on which the accident occurred. In recent years there has been somewhat of an improvement, but many roads still do not meet even minimal standards, including this road."

Dagan also emphasized the "the lack of enforcement and deterrence" of criminal activity, as well as the lack of traffic enforcement, and the fact that there are many drivers from the Palestinian Authority,who drive vehicles which should not be on the roads, doing so without a driver's license, and there is not enough traffic enforcement.

"This is a situation which must change immediately, for the sake of all those traveling on the road," Dagan concluded.