Apart from being home to over 9.2 million people and being a major religious hub in the Middle East, Israel is also home to some breathtaking landscapes.

The country has been blessed with everything from stunning beaches to towering snow-capped mountains like the famous Mount Hermon.

These, alongside its rich history and modern cities, make Israel a popular attraction in the winter. However, during this time, most of the country is covered in snow and freezing temperatures.

So, what does one do when they visit such a beautiful country during winter? To get the most out of your stay, please read on.

What to Expect During Winter in Israel

Winters in Israel can be unpredictable. Some are mild, while others are severe, with overcast skies that sometimes lead to heavy rain or snowfall during January and February. Temperatures may dip below 10 degrees Celsius in areas like Jerusalem.

All the same, Israel's winter weather is pleasantly bearable for anyone used to colder winters like those found in North America. Still, it is recommended to wear layers, including hand warmers, to avoid chills and frostbite.

Hotels in Israel and Unrivaled Winter Deals

When booking a hotel, you should consider that many of them offer special winter packages that include ski or snowboard lessons. Take advantage of special offers and rates that hotels in Israel offer during the winter season.

Many hotels will lower their prices by as much as half since most Israelis do not go on holiday during this season. What more do you need when you get to enjoy a great vacation for less?

Plus, many hotels offer a luxurious stay in Israel's major cities. If you stay in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Eilat, you have numerous opportunities to have a great vacation filled with winter attractions.

Top Attractions in Israel During Winter 2021

If you're worried about Covid restrictions, there are still plenty of activities allowed as long as you observe a quarantine period on arrival, keep social distance and wear your face mask in public.

Do not let the cold weather stop you from doing things outdoors. You can always go shopping in malls in major cities like Eilat. The Turquoise Boutique, for instance, features unique jewelry and accessories designed by local artists.

Eilat is also home to the Coral World Underwater Observatory, with glass observatories where visitors can watch marine life without getting wet. The aquarium is famous for hosting over 800 different species of fish, sharks, and corals.

To warm up after a day of activity, there is no better place to go than the kesem Shel Spa. The spa offers saunas and steam rooms for guests to relax and rejuvenate themselves after a long day of traveling.

As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do when visiting Israel during the winter. So when you plan your next vacation, consider this beautiful country and its many attractions. You will not be disappointed!