Malki Roth OBM
Malki Roth OBMCourtesy

Today, November 27, my precious daughter Malki would have turned 36.

If only she hadn't stopped with a friend at Jerusalem's Sbarro pizzeria on her way to a summer camp counselors' meeting.

If only the evil Ahlam Tamimi had been arrested on her way to that target to satisfy her bloodlust.

If only Tamimi hadn't succeeded by bombing to death 15 innocent Jews.

If only our worst nightmare hadn't eventuated.

If only, if only...

But the reality is my angelic, generous, musical and loving daughter is gone while Tamimi is alive and free, enabled by the world's silence to boast publicly about her "accomplishment" and to urge others to emulate her.

She did just that some six weeks ago in a video address to Turkish children that has gone unreported in the news.

Among her words to them:

"I participated in two jihad attacks which produced thank the lord, the deaths of 15 Zionists... These 2 jihad attacks are a crown on my head. Thank god, I entered history doing the best deeds."

This dangerous monster lives under the protection of Jordan's King Abdullah II who persists in defying the United States' demand for extradition.

His widely revered father, the late King Hussein, signed an extradition treaty with the US in 1995. Jordan gave formal assurances to the US prior to it being put into effect that all Jordanian formalities had been satisfied. The US says today that the treaty is in full force and effect. Jordan makes no formal statement about this but conveys in a variety of ways that it views the treaty as invalid due to a decision of its highest court in 2017, twenty-two years after the treaty took effect.

Despite his recalcitrance, Abdullah somehow still garners the adulation of powerbrokers across the globe while Jordan annually receives US aid amounting to billions of dollars.

And all the while, Tamimi, one of only two females listed among the FBI's 25 Most Wanted Terrorists, lives free and famous in Jordan.

When will this brazen injustice be rectified!

We invite people to click here and sign the petition urging the US to put firm pressure on Jordan to extradite the terrorist as the Jordan/US treaty requires. You don't have to be US citizens to sign it.

Frimet Roth is the bereaved mother of terror victim Malki Roth OBM