The New South Wales, Australia Department of Education has terminated a staff member who posted a pro-Hitler comment on the Facebook page of a Jewish student union.

According to the Australian Jewish News, the employee wrote: “It’s such a shame [Hitler] didn’t finish his job” underneath a photo of Hitler.

It was posted in May on the Australasian Union of Jewish Students Victoria’s Facebook page. But the staffer was only recently let go after an investigation led to their contract not being renewed.

NWS Secretary for Education Kevin Conolly said in a letter that the comment did not represent the NSW government or the department and that both “do not tolerate discriminatory or racist conduct of any kind.”

“It was alarming that such comments were made by a representative of the NSW government, particularly the Department of Education, which has a fundamental responsibility to the safety and protection of our children,” NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Darren Bark told the Jewish News.

For months, the Department of Education had received criticism from opposition politicians and Jewish leaders for refusing to divulge information about actions it was undertaking against the staffer.

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students told the news outlet that is was relieved the Department of Education had finally acted.

“We hope it sends a clear message to anyone engaging in anti-Semitic rhetoric that it’s not welcome, appropriate or tolerated in our society and that there are severe consequences for such behaviour,” said the student union’s political affairs director Gabi Stricker-Phelps.