Chaim Walder
Chaim WalderDaniel Ratzabi

Feldheim Publishers announced on Friday that it would cease publishing books by author and publicist Chaim Walder, following an expose in which women testified that Walder had sexually abused them when they were teens.

“After consulting da’as Torah (rabbinic authority -ed.), we have decided to halt the selling of Chaim Walder’s titles while current allegations are being investigated. We do not judge and sincerely hope he will be able to clear his name. We will continue to consult with da’as Torah as the situation unfolds,” the publisher said in a statement.

Walder announced on Wednesday night that he will resign from all public duties following the allegations against him.

A statement on behalf of Walder said that he "decided to take a break from all of his public duties, so that he will be free to fight to clear his name and dedicate his time to his family during this period."

Earlier in the week, the popular Eichlers Judaica bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, announced that it would remove all of Walder's books from its shelves, despite the significant financial loss involved.

In addition, the Yated Ne’eman newspaper halted publication of Walder’s column, while the Radio Kol Chai station suspended Walder from his regular radio show.