An armored vehicle traveling on the California freeway suffered an unexplained door malfunction, allowing bags of cash to fall out onto the road behind the vehicle. Other motorists quickly took note and stopped to collect the "free money," and a traffic jam rapidly ensued.

Along with scooping up the bills, some of the "lucky winners" took the time to photograph or video the incident and upload it to social media. Among them was gymnast Demi Bagby who photographed the road full of bills and shared it with her 2.5 million followers, describing the situation as "the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life."

Police eventually arrived at the scene as well, reminding everyone that collecting the bills was in fact a theft. Some of the passengers returned the money on their own but a considerable number of bills have not yet been returned. Two citizens who refused to cooperate with the police were even arrested.

In an interview with CBS, one of the police officers warned that the stretch of road in question was covered by several cameras and that police would attempt to locate anyone absconding with the money.

The investigation is being carried out in conjunction with the FBI and that they will be attempting to trace license plates to locate those who did not return what they had collected.