Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis
Dr. Sharon Alroy-PreisYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of Israel's Public Health Services, clarified that the Health Ministry is closely following the rise in coronavirus infections, but that there is no need to take significant action at this point in time.

In an interview with Ulpan Shishi, Dr. Alroy-Preis said, "This is a rise that we are following, and we are concerned about it, but we are not getting into hysterics over it. This rise stems from the actions of the public."

"We need to keep masks on in enclosed spaces - and certainly now, when there is rain and we spend more time in enclosed spaces. We will not continue to open up until we see that the downward trend has resumed."

According to Dr. Alroy-Preis, the vast majority of new COVID-19 infections are among people who are unvaccinated.

"Seventy-six percent of the new cases are completely unvaccinated, and another 12% are people who were vaccinated a long time ago and did not receive the booster - which means nearly 90% are people who Israel does not consider vaccinated - and that is what is causing the rise in infections," she said.

Calling on parents to vaccinate their children when the rollout starts on Tuesday, Dr. Alroy-Preis said, "There are parents who are waiting to vaccinate their children. I would recommend everyone simply look at the data. One of the most comprehensive reviews of pediatric coronavirus infections is on the Health Ministry's website, in the paper from the Israel Pediatric Association. We want to vaccinate children in order to protect them.".