Destau Bisset
Destau BissetCourtesy of the family

In a letter sent to incoming GSS chief Ronen Bar, the family of the late Destau Bisset demanded that he instruct the General Security Service to investigate Bisset’s murder.

In their letter, the family members mentioned the anguish caused to them due to the delay in investigating the murder and damage it has had to their feelings of safety in their own country.

“The attack in which our father was killed took place during Operation Guardian of the Walls and associated riots, in which Jews were the target of violence at the hands of Islamic terrorists,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, due to a serious failure on the part of the police, the incident was not investigated at all for an entire week, and when it was finally addressed, the investigation was lackadaisical. Only after our father passed away did the police begin a thorough investigation, after valuable time and evidence was irreparably lost.”

They also noted that, “As the investigation progressed, suspicion mounted that it was a deliberate murder. During the investigation, a minor suspect was arrested on suspicion of murder but was released after a few days due to difficulty in providing evidence.”

At the end of their letter, the family members asked Bar to intervene in the investigation of the incident. “The family of the deceased appealed to various professional and political entities in an attempt to involve the GSS, but unfortunately, the GSS has not yet taken over the management of the investigation, even though investigating such terrorist acts perpetrated against an innocent Jew wearing a kippah is within the remit of the GSS. There is no doubt that there is at least a suspicion of an act of terrorism here, and the GSS has at its disposal many tools that are not available to the police.

“Failure to solve this case and the continued freedom of the murderers deals severe damage to the family of the deceased and also to the security of Israeli citizens,” they added.

Destau Bisset, who was 74 years old at the time of his death, was run over by several people riding electric bicycles, during Operation Guardian of the Walls. According to witnesses, the riders knocked him down deliberately and then turned around and attempted to run over him again, before fleeing the scene. Bisset passed away from his injuries three weeks later. To this day, no one has been prosecuted for the crime.