Violent rioting on the Gaza border
Violent rioting on the Gaza borderAbed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Egypt is working to achieve a five-year ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Hamas terror group, as well as a prisoner swap and reconstruction in Gaza, Lebanon's Al Akhbar reported.

The report also noted that Egypt's intelligence chief Abbas Kamel is expected to visit Israel soon.

On Monday it was reported that an Israeli security delegation had landed in Cairo and held a meeting with senior Egyptian officials, to discuss security issues in the region. At the same time, Al Akhbar reported Tuesday morning that the Egyptians had passed their Israeli counterparts a diplomatic document connected to the conflict with Hamas and with the goal of achieving a five-year ceasefire between the sides and bringing about a prisoner swap.

"The Egyptians passed the Israeli delegation a diplomatic document connected to the security and economic situation in the Gaza Strip, which has the goal of achieving a ceasefire for more than five years, including a deal for a prisoner swap, rehabilitating and improving the humanitarian and economic situation of the Palestinians," Palestinian Authority sources told the Lebanese paper.

Al Akhbar also said that the diplomatic developments will continue to be directly between Jerusalem and Cairo, and that the purpose of the upcoming visit by Egypt's Kamel is to bring about a long-term ceasefire with Gaza and complete the deal for the prisoner swap.

Israel and Hamas agreed to a temporary ceasefire in May, but a stable long-term agreement has yet to be reached.