Shaked and Lauder
Shaked and LauderShahar Lazar

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked met Monday with World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder and other WJC leaders in New York.

The minister spoke about the process of canceling the visa requirement for Israelis, the need to fight anti-Semitism in the United States, Iran and the Israeli government's relations with the Biden Administration.

"Israel will not be able to live with a nuclear Iran, we expect the United States to intensify sanctions on Iran. For its part, Iran is only buying and enriches more and more uranium," Shaked said.

"I was told that young Jews are ashamed to say in admission to universities that they support Israel," she said. "The situation is getting worse, full mobilization of all organizations is needed to fight this, including the stopping of donations to universities that encourage action against Israel."

"We need to empower the young people on campuses, equip them with content and facts so that they can fight for the justice of our way and fend off the BDS blood and fake news plots.”