A rally in support of Israel in Boston's historic Copley Square organized by the
A rally in support of Israel in Boston's historic Copley Square organized by theCourtesy of IAC Boston

The Biden administration’s feverish rush to re-open a US consulate in Jerusalem ought to alarm American Jews for a least five reasons --

One: There already is a US Embassy in Jerusalem. It is the official one; the one that attests to Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.

Why then another such office, in the Palestinian Arab sector, except to divide the Holy City?

Two; Jerusalem has been in our prayers for more than 3,000 years, since King David founded it as sacred, sovereign and indivisible.

Three: A divided Jerusalem weakens Israel and invites the doubters, and the accusers, and the deniers to keep dreaming of Israel’s demise.

Unless you are one of them…a Liberal do-or-die… who on earth would want to be an accomplice with that brand of scoffers?

Alas, another vote for Biden or his Party, puts you in that category.

Four: A weakened Israel threatens American security. To this day, America counts on Israel’s intel brains and military muscle to serve as the reliable, steady hand in a region known for unstable rulers and murderously chaotic regimes. Iran has designs against both Israel and the United States.

Israel stands as the seasoned and ready battleship in these stormy waters.

Five: Team Biden’s emerging policy towards Israel is similar to its policy for America…intended, in each case, to scrap history and rewrite it for the Woke/Progressive cause.

For America, their scam is racism. For Israel, their big con is colonialism, or apartheid, or everything else they can invent.

That is where Biden comes in, as a satisfied customer of the Woke/Progressive far left agenda. He is all in. What the Squad peddles, he buys.

No wonder, then, to be watching the Biden administration cold-shoulder Israel as it warms to the PA, Fatah, and yes, even Hamas.

Awarding them a foothold toward a divided Jerusalem is what a Woke president will do. It is what a Woke party, the Democrats, will celebrate.

But Jewish Americans…is this the company they want to keep?

The Woke philosophy, which sneers at tradition and tramples everything that is noble about our Judeo/Christian system, is being roundly rejected by the American people.

The polls say so, and the election results of last week reveal a nation disgusted with the can of worms for sale by the far left.

If Woke-ism means Down with Everything, which it does, Americans aren’t interested in anything so far removed from Mom, baseball and apple pie.

Woke activists…it is being recognized… are the termites of civilization.

Jewish Americans should take note that the rest of the country is okay with good old-fashioned patriotism, and this includes love and support for Israel.

This would be a perfect time for American Jews to show strength and resolve for Israel.

A good place to start is to make some noise against that Palestinian Arab eyesore, such as those plans for a US consulate in Jerusalem.

We need to get this right. The rest of the country is watching.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

He wrote the worldwide book-to-movie bestseller “Indecent Proposal,” the authoritative newsroom epic, “The Bathsheba Deadline,” followed by his coming-of-age classics, “The Girls of Cincinnati,” and, the Holocaust-to-Montreal memoir, “Escape from Mount Moriah.” For that and his 1960s epic “The Days of the Bitter End,” contemporaries have hailed him “The last Hemingway, a writer without peer, and the conscience of us all.” Website: www.jackengelhard.com

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