Channel 13 News correspondent Ali Mograbi was detained on Sunday by Turkish security personnel and asked to stop filming as he took part in the channel’s coverage of the arrest of Israeli couple Natali and Mordy Oknin, who have been charged with espionage.

The police asked Mograbi for his journalist's certificate and even ordered him to delete the materials he had photographed so far.

At the conclusion of the interrogation, the reporter was released to his hotel and ordered not to leave it.

"They do not give me more than two minutes, they are standing behind the camera," Mograbi said, noting that he felt Turkish security personnel were following him.

Meanwhile, senior Israeli officials said on Sunday they were working vigorously to bring an end to the sensitive affair within two to three days and quietly bring the Oknins back to Israel, but if the effort failed, they would be in danger of being sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence.

The Turkish lawyer representing the couple will on Monday appeal the extension of their remand for 20 days.