Haim Katz
Haim KatzEsti Desiubov/TPS

The Likud Central Committee, led by MK Haim Katz, voted on Thursday night in favor of a proposal stipulating that the party will not form a government in the future or be a partner in a coalition together with parties or MKs who have expressed support for terrorists or acts of terrorism.

In the past month, members of the Likud’s “Melukadim” forum, led by former MK Shevach Stern, David Tzviel and Yehonathan Tal, worked to get members of the Likud faction to sign a demand for the Central Committee of the party to be convened. This petition was initiated in the “Melukadim” forum together with the Choosing Life Forum - a forum of bereaved families working against the involvement of terrorist supporters in the government.

At the Central Committee conference, a discussion was held on the proposal which states that "the Likud will not form a government or participate in a coalition that has or relies on parties or MKs who express support and sympathy with terrorists or terrorist organizations."

At the conclusion of the discussion, the proposal was approved by a significant majority.

Likud Central Committee chairman MK Haim Katz said, "This is an important discussion and a decision that is clear. We see how the Mansour Abbas company runs things. He wants a bill and it passes, and if he does not want a bill – it does not pass."

"This decision is about the integrity of the Land of Israel, we are in the Knesset for this reason and also in order to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Israel," Katz concluded.