Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN and Chairman of World Likud Danny Danon says that the recent incident in the UK in which Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely was rushed to her car due to a wild anti-Israel protest shows the need for pro-Israel students to invite more Israeli dignitaries to speak in support of the Jewish State.

“It means we have to come to more of those events," Danon told Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview. "We have to encourage the students to invite more dignitaries, to speak up and not to be afraid from those radical views and voices.”

Noting that he has participated in hundreds of events and has seen similar disruptive demonstrations outside and inside of the hall during his career, Danon says that he views it as problematic that it appeared there wasn't adequate security when Hotovely stepped outside the building, and the demonstration kicked off.

“I think what we saw there was not professionally done by their security team. They should not rush an ambassador to the car," he explains.

When he was in his position at the UN for five years, “I always told me detail that they are not rushing me anywhere. We walk in proud in the main door and we walk out proud through the main door.”

Danon adds: “It’s important to send a message that we walk proud and tall everywhere. And we represent Israel very proud and tall.”

He mentions that “it’s going to be very hard to convince radical protestors [to change their mind] but you should not let them control the narrative. You should not let them intimidate the majority of the students who are supporting Israel.”

In terms of the situation with the proliferation of anti-Israel activity online – which is even worse – Danon says that with the ease of sitting in your house and promote hate digitally, more action needs to be taken by pro-Israel voices.

“It’s a challenge for us. That’s why we have to encourage the pro-Israel supporters to take a stand and be more active online," he says.