A rock thrown at the windshield
A rock thrown at the windshieldצילום: ללא קרדיט

On Thursday afternoon, Simcha and his wife left their home with their infant daughter to celebrate their wedding anniversary - and were almost killed by Arabs terrorists.

The family, residents of Beit Shemesh, set the Waze app to direct them to the Western Wall, and began traveling. A few minutes before they reached the Old City, Waze directed the family to change course, and drive into the Arab neighborhood of At-Tur in Jerusalem.

"After a few dozen meters of slow driving, a large group of Arab youths stood on the sidewalk," Simcha recalled. "When I continued driving, a youth from the group realized that the driver of the car is a Jew, and he called them over with a whistle. Over 20 terrorists answered his call and began hurling a rain of large rocks at us. The windshield was smashed and my wife even received a blow from the side window after they struck it with great force. Some of them tried to open the doors, which, luckily, I had managed to lock in time."

Terrified and with his wife and infant daughter screaming in the vehicle, Simcha called the police as he tried to escape the scene. During his escape, the police guided Simcha and tried to calm him, explaining to him how he could leave the area. After three minutes of driving, a Border Police car was waiting for him, and accompanied him to file a complaint and undergo medical examinations at the police station near Herod's Gate.

Simcha's wife and infant daughter were evacuated to the hospital after feeling ill following the event. They suffered light injuries from the attacks and the terrifying escape.

"We looked death in the eye," Simcha said after the incident. "These were hate-infected youths. I had a miracle near the Western Wall. This could have ended in tragedy."

Simcha rushed to contact MK Itamar Ben Gvir (Otzma Yehudit), who responded: "The lawlessness must end. This time, there was a miracle. But next time, it may end in murder. This is how things are when there is no sovereignty on the ground. If the neighborhood near the Western Wall does not have enough policing and enforcement to immediately respond to terrorists, then the situation in this country is worse than what we imagine it to be."

"The police must thoroughly investigate this incident and file indictments," he added. "The terrorists belong in prison, and I will continue to follow and ensure that this happens."