On Sunday November 14, Bet El Institutions will launch its newest e-newsletter - Daily Israel Videos. Daily Israel Videos will consist of a daily email containing two videos on a variety of topics relating to Israel. Each day of the week features a different topic, and subscribers can choose which days/topics they want to receive upon subscription.

Sundays - Israel Defense Forces

Mondays - Advocacy & Activism

Tuesdays - Current Events

Wednesdays - Hi-Tech & Innovation

Thursdays - Beauty of Israel

Fridays - Judea & Samaria

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Bet El Institutions also produces the following additional newsletters:

West Bank Jewish Population Stats: monthly curated newsletter highlighting news surrounding the failure of the Two-state Solution, and the annually updated report of Jewish population statistics of the Judea and Samaria regions (AKA West Bank) in Israel

Bet El Friends: biweekly emails with the latest updates and news including Israel news analysis and Jewish/human/Bet El interest stories

Israel National Torah: weekly Torah insights and ideas based on the teachings of Rav Kook that have until now only been available in Hebrew

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