Yissachar Zalmanovich
Yissachar Zalmanovichcompliments of Yissachar Zalmanovitch

The Haredi journalist Yissachar Zalmanovich enlisted in Galai Tzahal's (IDF Radio) course but announced a few days ago that he was switching to another position in the IDF.

According to a report by journalist Eran Suissa in Israel Today, Zalmanovich left the course after consulting with the Sanz Rebbe.

Zalmanovich is a follower of the Sanz Chassidut, whose current leader is Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Halberstam, the Rebbe of Sanz, who lives in the city of Netanya.

Zalmanovich finished his military training phase about a month ago, and he will continue in a different position in the IDF.