Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis
Dr. Sharon Alroy-PreisDanny Shem Tov, Knesset spokesperson

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, the head of public health services at the Ministry of Health, was interviewed on Kan 11 News on Friday and discussed the issue of COVID-19 vaccines for children, a day after health experts held a meeting to discuss the issue.

"I support vaccines for children, I look forward to vaccinating my children," said Alroy-Preis, who took part in Thursday’s meeting. "The risks from the disease outweigh the side effects of the vaccine."

Asked whether it would be better to wait with the vaccines for children until there is a rise numbers of COVID-19 cases, she replied, "It is not better to wait with the children's vaccines because the morbidity in the world is rising, they need to be protected."

"We are examining whether to vaccinate children who already had the virus, in the United States they decided to vaccinate everyone," added Alroy-Preis. In any case, she noted, "The children's vaccines will not arrive in Israel for another few weeks."

She also commented on Pfizer’s experimental antiviral pill for COVID-19, after the company announced that the pill demonstrated up to 89% effectiveness in curbing hospitalizations or death among high-risk patients.

"We are waiting to see the data regarding Pfizer's new drug against COVID-19. The new drug has been tested on at-risk populations, it does not replace the vaccine," said Alroy-Preis.

Finally, she commented on the ongoing threats against her, which resulted in her receiving security detail recently.

"Those who threaten me say that the death penalty should be brought back just for me. The threats against me are scary, my children are scared as well," said Alroy-Preis.

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