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Dozens of Chabad emissaries were allegedly harassed on a flight to Israel by a flight attendant, Yeshiva World News reported.

The emissaries were returning home from the annual Chabad kinus gathering in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

According to the Yeshiva World News report, the passengers said they began to be singled out as soon as they boarded the plane. The harassing behavior reached its peak when the emissaries stood in the plane’s aisles for morning prayers.

The multiple emissaries who were standing in the aisles were blocking the flight attendant from passing through. She immediately announced that food and drinks would no longer be distributed to seated passengers.

The items would only be available if specifically requested by a passenger who would have to pick them up directly from the plane’s kitchen.

Videos of the incident show a flight attendant who appears to be in a heated conversation with passengers on the flight.

According to Yeshiva World News, when a lineup formed in front of the kitchen, airplane staff announced that only passengers who were not dressed in Jewish religious garb would be given food and drinks.

The statement caused an angry reaction from the emissaries and their families, the result of which was a confrontation with the flight attendant who called security to the plane when it landed in Israel.

After a short investigation by security personnel in Israel, the Chabad emissaries were cleared to enter the country.

Reportedly, a lawsuit alleging that the airline and flight attendant discriminated against the passengers may be launched.