Man threatens couple due to stench of dirty diapers
Man threatens couple due to stench of dirty diapersIsrael Police spokesperson

Israel Police have filed an indictment against a resident of the northern city of Pardes Hanna, who is suspected of threatening a couple staying in a hotel and attempting to attack them.

The investigation was opened after the couple called the police hotline, complaining that a person had threatened their lives and attempted to attack them with a sharp object in a Bat Yam hotel, after they left dirty diapers outside their hotel room.

During the investigation, it became clear that the suspect screamed at the petitioners in front of their four children, while holding a sharp object and threatening to murder the entire family. In addition, he attacked the father in front of his wife and children.

The reason given for the suspect's behavior was his anger at the smell of the baby's dirty diapers.

Alongside the indictment, police filed a request to arrest the suspect until the completion of legal proceedings against him.

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