Australian airline Quantas is removing references to “Occupied Palestinian Territory” and “State of Palestine” from multiple areas of its website after being contacted by the Australian Jewish Association (AJA).

The AJA learned about the multiple instances referring to "Palestine" instead of Israel after being contacted by a concerned community member, J-Wire reported.

The organization was given screenshots that showed Qantas hotel booking options that listed areas in Israel as “State of Palestine.” Passengers were also given the option to have their area code say “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

Reportedly, Qantas does not label any other disputed regions in the world as “occupied.” Australia has never recognized the “State of Palestine.”

Areas with hotels listed as in the “State of Palestine” included the Dead Sea kibbutz Almog.

AJA President David Adler called the situation “offensive to Australia’s Jewish community, to Australia’s close ally, Israel, and to Christians and others everywhere.”

While the country labels appear to be “blatant political activism,” Adler said that “our hope is that this was done by a third party, or an activist junior employee, who wasn’t authorized to take this stance.”

He added: “The thought that Qantas management would endorse such a stand is worrying… For Qantas to be wading into international politics like this, taking a stance at odds with Australia on such a sensitive topic and re-drawing the map is absurd.”

In a statement, Qantas said: “This does not reflect Qantas’ position on Israel and Palestine and we of course align with the Australian government’s police.”

“The list of international locations which appear on the Qantas Hotels website are provided by third party suppliers,” said the airline. “We will be temporarily removing these destinations from the Qantas Hotels website while we investigate how this has occurred.”