Marking a year since the passing of Torah giant Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Arutz Sheva conducted a special interview with his brother, Alan Sacks.

"The brother Jonathan Sacks was in part a soul mate and in part a man who deserved great respect...over this last year I lost a brother but gained a giant" began Alan in the interview, portraying his dual relationship as close brother to Rabbi Sacks and his respect for him as Chief Rabbi.

Alan shared that Rabbi Sacks had a truly unique personality. His intellectual and verbal prowess together with his in-depth knowledge of Western culture together with total dignity led him to be one of the most quoted Rabbis.

Rabbi Sacks's main message was to be proud, conduct yourself with dignity and others will respect you if you respect your own religion (Judaism), continues Alan Sacks.

Alan also points out that Rabbi Sacks never believed in a dichotomy between religion and the outside world. These values are so well received outside of Israel need to be brought into Israel as well. This needs to go to strengthen Israeli society.

"The family and supporters are now working to translate his works and philosophies into Hebrew and bring them into the educational systems. he believed Judaism should be lived and not read." Alan Sacks concludes.